Vaporfi Vox TC 50W Mod

You can complain all you like about the price of a VaporFi Vox TC Mod, but you can’t say it isn’t gorgeous. Compared to all of those box-shaped devices lacking elegance entirely, this is a vaping Mona Lisa.

The Vox is small but well-built; sturdy but graceful. There are many wonderful features awaiting the owner of this high-quality device if he has the money to spend and the patience to wait if it is on back order (which happens once in a while with the Vox TC).

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Specifications of the Vox 50

Buy the starter kit or just the Vox 50. On its own the price is $179.99.

For $249.99 you receive the Bolt RDA designed specifically to fit with the Vox, but you can also add any 510 tank from the VaporFi collection or outside, like a Nautilus, Aerotank, or high-end RBA.

The Bolt is a dripping atomizer made for high-VG juices and vapers who take their hobby seriously. For them, vaping is no longer just a healthier choice over smoking but a whole new endeavor.

The Bolt:

VaporFi Bolt RDA

The OLED screen shows values like ohms, voltage, battery power, and wattage. Set your unit from 7 to 50 watts and 3 to 8.5 volts: from warm to hot. Using a resistance meter the machine finds voltage to suit ohms.

This stainless steel ‘box’ mod is not a box at all but emulates the qualities of box mods with its built-in chip which offers protection to the atomizer and battery by monitoring for low or high voltage, low resistance, and reverse polarity (putting your battery in the wrong way around).

A starter kit comes with your 30Amp 2100-mAh battery. Vents in the casing keep this powerful cell from becoming too hot, rendering it unstable. This battery fits into a rounded portion attached to the square part to form a unique blend of lines and curves.

Specifications of the Bolt RDA

The addition of a Bolt to your package brings with it a variety of accessories specifically for use with your RDA. They include O-rings, screws, a screwdriver, Kanthal wire, and a drip tip. If you had to buy these separately you would pay more, so if you think VaporFi’s RDA sounds like a good piece of equipment, buy it as part of a starter kit.

Vaporfi Bolt Parts

There are three posts and a deep well on this dripping atomizer so you can wrap dual coils and achieve resistance at sub-ohms. Chase some serious clouds with a Bolt RDA, even if you don’t buy the Vox 50. It will work on other box mods, APVs, and mechanical mods as well.

Shopping at VaporFi

Select the Vox TC 50w then use VaporFi’s intuitive website to locate accessories: new batteries, replacement rings, various tanks (if you don’t want a dripping atomizer, considered troublesome by some vapers), and accessories for those.

VaporFi organizes accessories under headings for the hardware they were designed to be used with, but they also indicate alternatives (that is, most of their tanks are interchangeable.)

Maybe you prefer a tube mod but love the Bolt: so buy a Rebel. Choose the Rocket. The Bolt will work with these items too and does justice their sub-ohm vaping capacity (not as low as the Vox, but not bad).

Juice is also organized into sections such as fruit, dessert, and tobacco. Select a rich blend of Butter Pecan or sweet Marshmallow.

Many vendors apart from VaporFi carry juices with more vegetable glycerin than VaporFi uses so you can really take advantage of the sub-ohm vaping levels the Vox 50 Mod makes possible.

But at $14.99 for 30 ml, it will be difficult to switch over to new labels: most other brands will charge twice as much.

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