VaporFi VEX™ 75 TC MOD

The biggest mod at Vaporfi just got better. They have just introduced the VEX 75 TC, and Vaporfi fans can probably guess what that means. If you’re new to vape mods, Vaporfi is one of the United States’ top e-cig companies selling e juice made to strict standards at a regulated facility based in Florida.

They also make some of the most popular vaping devices for the absolute beginner to the seasoned vaper. The VEX is a line of box mods; 75 stands for the wattage level; and TC tells you this device allows you to control vapor temperature.

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The VEX 75 TC in Detail

Sub-ohm vaping is the rage right now and probably will be for a long time to come. The VEX lets you get the most out of sub-ohm coils. Super-low resistance and high watts can be a dangerous combination, but Vaporfi products are made to high safety standards to prevent a short circuit or worse damage from occurring.

The system that prevents disaster also controls the VEX 75 so that it is capable of great things. Set it from 1W to 75W. Use these settings to run atomizers with coils built as low as 0.05 ohms and as high as 3.5 ohms, as unlikely as that would be.

In order to run coils as low as I mentioned above, there is one condition. The VEX must be set to operate in Temperature Control mode. It can’t be set up for Variable Watt mode which uses other types of coils.

The TC setting accommodates titanium, nickel 200, and stainless steel. Only these types of metal will hold your temperature for a long time at a lower wattage level.

First, wattage will climb, then it will drop slowly as the coils show they can hold the heat. This is great for battery efficiency, enables you to keep coils longer since they don’t burn out rapidly, and e juice lasts longer too according to customer testimonies and testing by vape makers and retailers.

Replace the Batteries

These days, batteries aren’t always removable from a mod. If you don’t take them out to recharge and replace, then it’s necessary to plug the mod in and recharge it that way. This can leave a vaper stuck.

While it’s handy to have this option when you don’t have spares, it also forces you to plug in the machine and operate it at a specific location until the batteries have recharged. With the VEX, either way is the right way. A USB port gives you the pass-through option and removable cells let you swap old for new.

That’s also handy at the end of a battery’s life since replacing the cell and keeping your mod is a lot easier, assuming you’re the sort of person who doesn’t change mods every 3 to 6 months as technology changes. A USB cable is provided.


Measure the VEX 75 TC and you will find it’s compact at just 82 mm long. The zinc alloy exterior, brushed for beauty, makes the frame light but is still sturdy. The VEX operates in TC, Bypass (Variable Voltage), and Variable Watt modes with three memory options.

Lock the VEX against use by any unauthorized individuals (children) because there is no such thing as a child-proof cupboard. The mod is protected against over-discharge, over-charging, reverse polarity (when batteries are upside down), and over current. You can operate it in stealth mode, where the big screen stops glowing and drawing attention.