Vaporfi Starter Kits

There’s just one thing you have to know about a VaporFi starter kit before you begin. They don’t come with e liquid. Every other e cig business packages their mini cigs with pre-filled cartomizers including Halo, White Cloud, and Jet Cigs.


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Although sometimes the flavors aren’t to customers’ liking, this is the most convenient way to begin and the cheapest. A starter kit is a bundle, after all; a collection of necessary pieces sold at a discount to entice the new vaper. Companies make their money on refills and replacements.

Starter Kit Anomalies

Many e cig companies even package their eGo kits with bottles of e liquid. Volcano and Apollo do. Several retailers (like MBV) create kits from Kanger, Innokin, or JoyeTech products and add their own e liquid.

For Beginners: the Express Starter Kit

The Express is for brand new vapers.

VaporFi's Express Kit

This $29.99 kit contains two batteries, which is a great start.

A one-battery kit is next to useless in this category because they run out of power in 4 hours or less.

Your 180-mAh and 280-mAh batteries represent a compromise, one being the right size for a cigarette-style vape, the other providing an extra hour or more of vaping. With a USB charger and AC adapter, the package is complete.

Power and Performance: the Pro

For $49.99 or more, you could be vaping all day after charging your battery just once with a Pro Starter Kit.

Vapor Fi Pro

Select a bright color, the original in black, or a Platinum kit fitted with VaporFi’s bigger tank.

Vaporfi pro colors

The original and colored versions are VaporFi’s most popular products because they combine great looks, compact size, excellent performance, and ease of use.

Starter Kit for Stealth

It so happens that not everyone is as flexible about the idea of vaping as you. There are many individuals who assume the liquid in your tank is an illegal drug and will openly challenge you.

At home, it’s no one’s business what you do. In public, consumers can be forgiven for wondering if they are in the midst of drug users.

Unless they have been given reason to explore the topic of e cigs, it could take some time for the general public to have their eyes opened to the realities of vaping.

While waiting for times to change, you can vape stealthily using the VaporFi Air. It’s so small it will fit inside your closed hand, just like a cigarette, but it won’t burn you in the meantime like a lighted cigarette would. The tank only holds about 1 ml of liquid (like an Express cartomizer) and the battery is just 70 mAh more powerful than the bigger Express battery. In spite of its size, this is going to produce plumes of substance.

A Pulse Starter Kit for Intermediate Vapers

The Air and Pro are eGo or intermediate kits, and the Pulse joins them.

Vaporfi Pulse

It’s not really an advanced device but looks like one, so you could fool people into thinking you’ve got technological chops by waving it around.

Sleek and shiny, it has a screen showing your puff count; a screen of remarkable clarity for its small size.

The best feature of the VaporFi Pulse is its wireless, portable circular charger.

It acts as a stand when turned off, but if you are nowhere near a USB outlet or a plug, then the circular charger (when fully charged) will refill your Pulse battery with the energy it needs so you can get back to vaping. A kit is also packaged with the usual charging accessories and capacious tanks for $119.99.

Rebel APV for Experts

The only thing more advanced than a Rebel would be a mechanical mod like the Turtleship or Chi You. Although similar looking, a big blue LED screen on the Rebel gives away that this is an APV you can adjust to create hotter or cooler vapor.

Vaporfi Rebel Kit


With a big tank on top and a small or large battery, this telescopic unit can last several hours on a single charge and, potentially, an entire weekend. You pay $179.99 for the entire kit. If that sounds expensive compared to some of the mods you have seen elsewhere, remember this is a kit. Most prices for mods do not include the battery or tank.

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