Vaporfi Rocket

VaporFi already carries every type of electronic cigarette any individual could ever hope to find. They have a cigalike known as the Express.

VaporFi designed several intermediate vapes known as the Air, Pro, and Pulse.

Their Rebel is a variable voltage, telescopic mod with a display screen and the VOX 50 is a variable wattage device technically like a box mod but completely dissimilar aesthetically, apart from its three-button controls and OLED display screen.

I have missed one item in the VaporFi list: the Rocket, another elegant and simple device from Florida’s top vape shop.

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The VaporFi Rocket

You can compare this electronic cigarette to a Spinner battery, but it is more than that, thanks to the tank that goes with it. Look up “Rocket Starter Kit” for the full run down and find out what your $119.99 outlay pays for.

Here you find a smart eGo with an airflow tank rated 1.8 ohms with dual coils. The battery is rated for 1600 mAh so it is considerably more powerful than a Vision Spinner. That 2.5-ml tank features a bottom coil which you fill from the bottom. Capacity like that will last you hours before a refill is needed.

A video on the VaporFi website shows just how you fill and maintain the Rocket: nothing could be easier. Every piece, including the airflow collar, uses screw threading for easy removal and reattachment. Take out the atomizer head this way and replace it simply, without tools or technical know-how of any kind. VaporFi recommends replacing the atomizer head every 1 to 4 weeks, determined by how much vaping you do during that time.

Airflow control allows you to change the resistance of your draw. Open all the holes and this loosens the draw for freer inhalation. Tighten that draw by closing some or all of the holes. It seems like a high-tech feature, but VaporFi give airflow control the appearance of something even the least technically astute person can use effectively.

Parts and Compatibility

VaporFi is unusual among vaping companies in that they are not worried about creating proprietary threading so vapers must always attach VaporFi tanks to VaporFi batteries. The Rocket, like most of their other hardware, is highly compatible outside the brand but also with several models on the VaporFi menu.

Interchange Rebel, Pro, Pulse, and Rocket pieces with each other. Sometimes you need a collar. Why would you interchange parts? If one part is broken, runs out of power, or doesn’t suit your style for the day, you are able to select a model from your current collection of VaporFi parts, perhaps while waiting for a new part from Florida.

Replacing Parts for the Rocket

If you were to assemble the Rocket from scratch instead of buying a starter kit, the battery would cost $49.99. A tank is $39.99. You would still have to add a USB charger, an AC wall adapter, and 5 atomizers and already you have reached nearly $90. You couldn’t add all of those parts for less than the $30 difference between the battery-tank package and the entire starter kit, so you are better off buying the bundle. Don’t forget to add VaporFi e liquid — 30 ml for $14.99 — and you’re set to go.

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