Vaporfi Pulse

VaporFi sells so many kinds of e cigs that it can be difficult to know which one is compatible with your needs.

They offer a mini cig, eGo-style device, and APVs like the Rebel and Vox 50, but the Pulse is one of VaporFi’s most interesting e cigs.

It has the look of a high-tech unit and some advanced features, but the Pulse is easier to use than it looks.

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The VaporFi Pulse

The screen and fancy circular charger are probably making you wonder if only advanced vapers can operate this little machine. If you can use a Pro or Air, however, the Pulse is not much different. That circular charger acts much like a portable charging case (even lots of newbie kits come with those). Charge it using a USB power source or plug it into a wall adapter if you need to. When fully powered, the circular charger is wireless. Stand the Pulse up in the middle to charge it anywhere and to stop it from rolling around.

That screen gives the impression you should be pressing buttons to change voltage but the VaporFi Pulse is not a variable voltage device. A three-digit display only shows how many puffs you have taken while an icon depicts your battery’s charge. You always know when the battery is nearing the end of a charge so you can charge it before the battery is totally empty (it is never a good idea to wait until then).

VaporFi Pulse Batteries

In the Starter Kit for your Pulse two 750-mAh batteries are included with two Premium Cartomizers, a wall adapter, USB charger, and the circular charger. Look on the accessories’ list for the Pulse and they sell 650-mAh replacement batteries. Is that a misprint? I would expect the battery to offer at least the same rating if not multiple sizes, but all I saw was a 650-mAh Pulse battery for $29.99. You can also choose a Pro battery instead which offers many colors and two ratings.

Replacements Parts for the VaporFi Pulse

A Circular Charger costs $19.99 but I don’t know if it is compatible with a Pro battery also. Five atomizer replacements for the Premium tank cost $19.99. If the Pro battery is compatible, you know the Pro cartomizer works with a Pulse battery too. Those are just options in case you need a new part but it is on back order and you are making due (the Pulse starter kit was on back order when I checked).

Affordability Issue

I am afraid that $29.99 for a Pulse battery does not impress me, screen or not. It’s a novelty being able to check my puff count; nothing more. If you pay attention to vapor output and consistency it’s easy to tell when your battery will soon be in need of a charge because it’s not regulated. Unregulated batteries give warnings.

I would be inclined to suggest that the Pulse is an unnecessary addition to an already long list where the Pro and Air provide intermediate vaping technology and the Rebel would be your logical next step.

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