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You don’t have to be a pro with e cigs to love the Pro from VaporFi. Using a simple design, VaporFi makes it easy to enjoy big vapor clouds, great throat hit, and a long-lasting battery. All you have to do is press a button.

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Vapor Fi Pro


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VaporFi Pro Review

The Pro can be configured in numerous ways. Bear in mind that the real star is its battery. You can add a Pro-L, Pro-XL, Platinum, Titan, Tank, Premium, or Clear cartomizer to the power source. The most streamlined look is achieved by a Pro-L or XL and these also supply color choices.

These vary in shape and capacity, while customers have expressed their preference for certain ones over others. VaporFi sells the Pro in three types of kit: the Pro, Pro in Colors, and Pro Platinum.

Starter Kits for the Pro

A simple or colored Pro kit costs $49.99, the only difference being that you get 3 replacement atomizers if you purchase a black kit but none with colors. Also, when you shop for a Pro in colors, there are customization options on the page such as color selection: 10 colors, including black. Besides selecting a color, it is also possible to mix or match the cartomizer and battery. Your kit also contains a USB charger and a wall adapter.

To upgrade the Pro kit from its regular, 1.5-ml and 650-mAh configuration, add $3 each for a 3-ml cartomizer and 1000-mAh battery.

The Platinum Pro is the same battery (650 mAh) with a Platinum clearomizer. It comes with 2 extra atomizers and the charging kit for $59.99. You know what those atomizers signify: a long-lasting, cost-effective way to vape. Your cartomizer isn’t finished just because the coils are.

Pro atomizerReplacement Parts

A Pro battery comes in 2 sizes plus a Twist version costing from $24.99 to $29.99. Cartomizers are priced variously depending on the one you like best. Since no VaporFi starter kits are packaged with e liquid, remember to add a 30-ml bottle for $14.99. Pro cartomizers are relatively easy to refill, although you will need to exercise caution in that narrow opening. Add a drip tip for better aim and less mess. VaporFi carries those in their accessories department.

Reviews of the VaporFi Pro

Most customers couldn’t be happier with the Pro and recommend it for individuals who are fairly new to vaping. It’s so simple to get the hang of that you could head straight from cigarettes to this eGo.

The Pro is reliable, lovely to look at, and the battery lasts all day. Customers are happy both with the Pro and with customer service which never lets them down. Read some comments for yourself: customer service always responds to negatives in a professional and helpful way.

Because of the colors, a Pro would make an attractive gift for someone. Find out her favorite color. If it’s your wife you want to surprise, choose a favorite shade for her and another for you and vape together stylishly at an affordable price. VaporFi not only runs online sales but runs shops in Florida, New Jersey, and other states.

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