Vaporfi Orbit Coupon Code and Review

Where vaporizers are concerned, pen vapes have caught the imagination of consumers in a big way, but they cannot take the place of truly efficient portable vaporizers. Pen vapes are small, light, and discrete, but they tend to burn herbs, require constant refilling, and batteries run out of power quickly.

Vapers cannot adjust their temperature either. Desktop vaporizers are the most effective units (especially excellent products like the Volcano, Plenty, and Herbalizer), but those cost a lot of money and you can’t carry them in your pocket. Handheld products afford vapers a compromise.

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Vaporfi Orbit



The VaporFi Orbit

One device you can trust to supply excellent performance is the VaporFi Orbit, one of their latest products. It was added in the summer of 2014 to much acclaim. A great selling feature is the price: about $100. The PAX, Ascent, and Firefly cost up to $270, but with the Orbit you have a handy device just for herbs that will perform reliably.

It features a long lasting built-in rechargeable battery. VaporFi’s website does a poor job of describing the Orbit in writing: they use videos to get the details across. Still, the Orbit is so similar to several other products currently available that I went to one of those for a closer look at some details (the Lux by Pulsar and Falcon by Eonsmoke are virtually the same).

VaporFi Orbit Images

At least the pictures and videos on VaporFi are good, so if you don’t mind watching one of those you will see all there is to see. Open and fill the Orbit by removing the top cap with a little bit of pressure. A 1.7-ml herb chamber holds enough ground plant material for lots of hits before emptying and refilling it. This makes the Orbit easy to clean too: don’t forget to do that regularly so your device will operate effectively every time.

Always grind herbs well and tamp them down, but not too densely. When packed too tightly together not all the herbs are heated: you get a cool center which is missed, and that’s inefficient.

Starter Kit

Your kit is packaged with 5 silicone mouthpieces used to cool the tip which can become a little too warm for sensitive lips, especially if you choose the highest of three temperatures. There are 5 mesh filters, a USB charger, and a cleaning brush as well.

Simple Controls

Using one button you can turn the device on and off: lock it so that it doesn’t overheat, waste herbs, use up battery power, or burn you. Automatic shut-off after several minutes also prevents these things from happening. A bulb beneath the button changes color to indicate your temperature.

Charge Forward

Charging the battery requires about 3 hours, but after that it provides 2200 mAh of power: that’s a day’s worth of vaping. At least, it could be a day, even more, but that is determined by how much you use it during the day and your temperature setting.

Orbit Accessories

There aren’t a lot of accessories for this unit at VaporFi. They do not sell herbs for one thing and the battery is built-in. Once the Orbit dies you buy a new one (or whatever VaporFi has up their sleeve in a year’s time). Purchase a new mouthpiece for $14.99, 5 mouthpiece covers for $6.99, and five mesh filters for $3.99.

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