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The quickest way to break into vaping is to buy a cigalike, or “cigarette-like” electronic cigarette. Units like these resemble cigarettes with their LED tips and long, slim shapes. You hold one the same way you hold analogs and puff on it to get vapor in the same way, but these do not produce smoke or ash. They smell like nothing, or perhaps like a pleasant type of e liquid. Once they run out of power, the user recharges the battery and reloads the cartridge with a brand new one or, keeping the cartridge, refills the e liquid.


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Many e cigs have joined the race to be top dog, some of which should run home with their tails between their legs. The VaporFi Express is not one of those. Clients are happy with their beginner product so long as they remember the limitations of vaping cigalikes. They only last a few hours once charged. E juice runs out at about the same rate. This makes for regular refilling and recharging hassles, but for a lot of people that is a small price to pay for being set free from cigarettes.

VaporFi Express e cigVaporFi Express Review

Here’s what you get in a kit: a USB charger plus an AC wall adapter to go with it, and two batteries. One of them contains 180 mAh and the other 280 mAh, the latter providing a maximum of about 4 hours after charging. The kit costs $29.99. That’s cheap you say, but two things are missing: cartomizers and liquid.

Although you can buy new batteries for $19.99, they only come in the automatic style. VaporFi knows their customers will use this type of e cig for a little while, then graduate to the eGo style Pro or Pulse with manual operation anyway, but manual batteries are more efficient. Still, as a starting point, the Express does what the consumer needs it to do and looks pretty with its crystal tip glowing the whole time.

E liquid and Cartomizers

Now you must choose: refill blank cartomizers or purchase pre-filled items. The advantage of pre-filled ones is that there is no mess involved. They screw right onto the batteries. The disadvantages are that they cost $14.99 for 5 and VaporFi only makes 5 flavors.

Express mini clearomizer

Thirty-milliliter bottles are priced $14.99, so that’s 50 cents per ml as opposed to $3 per ml. VaporFi makes juice in countless possible flavor combinations which customers can select by blending 2 or 3 varieties with or without nicotine. Right from the bat you could be nicotine-free.

Blank refill cartomizers cost $7.99 for 5 if you are buying ones to match the white-striped battery. Mini clear tanks in packages of 3 cost $14.99. They hold 0.9 ml instead of the 1-ml capacity of a matching cartomizer.

Additional Pieces

You can buy another charging set for the Express, but the piece that will really catch your eye is their portable charging case.

Express charging case

It looks like the one at South Beach Smoke with its black outer shell and power values glowing as though straight from that package (the screen is camouflaged). A PCC costs $49.99 though: pretty expensive.

Summing up the Express

With $20 batteries, $15 cartomizer refills, and a $50 PCC, the Express starts to sound like a pricey investment. Then you have to ask yourself what you paid for cigarettes: it’s no contest. E cigs are cheaper, while there is the option to buy liquid and blank cartomizers anyway.

You’ll be spending a lot less overall for an elegant device that does the work and lasts. Just ask VaporFi clients: you won’t want to look at another cigarette again once you start tasting marshmallow e juice.

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