Vaporfi E Liquids

E liquid is going to be your most frequent purchase as a vaper. If you get through 2 ml a day, that means you will need about 14 ml each week. But you probably prefer not to vape the same flavor all the time. When you smoked cigarettes, you had a favorite and it met your nicotine needs; flavor was hardly important since everything smelled and tasted like poison. E liquid is different: now you have taste buds that work and e juice comes in countless lovely flavors. You won’t be able to help switching around from flavor to flavor.


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Vaporfi e liquidsVaporFi E Liquid

As far as choices go, you have your work cut out narrowing down the selection. A few brands cost around $0.75 to almost $1 per ml, but VaporFi is not one of them. Their e juice is priced about 50 cents per ml when you buy 30-ml bottles for $15.

The price is right, but what about their menu?

VaporFi sells flavors you love, like straight fruits and blends, loads of tobacco and menthol styles, sweets and treats, and baked goods. If you have a coffee or cocktail favorite, VaporFi might have that.

They carry numerous styles devised by their team like Watermelon, Candy Cane, Cotton Candy, and Graham Cracker. Some of them look like they want to be blended together, and you can do that by purchasing empty bottles and mixing them or adding different drops to your clearomizer, but watch out for the nicotine. If you selected low nicotine and high nicotine e juice, together they average out to a medium value. Percentages from 3.6% down to zero are available.

Vaporfi's Flavor MenuThe Best Thing about VaporFi E Liquid

Paying 50 cents per ml is a great aspect of shopping with VaporFi. Their customer service is exceptional. Flavors are great and they have lots to choose from. VaporFi is an online shop and also runs numerous brick-and-mortar stores, mostly in Florida, but in rising numbers of locations around the country. Any one of those features is enough to make you want to give them a try, but none of them is the “best thing.”

The top feature of VaporFi e liquid is that you can make your own. That does not mean you have to set up a lab and buy supplies for at-home juice mixing. You won’t be stuck with 1 liter of custom-made e juice. All you have to do is tell the people at VaporFi what you want. They make it and send the juice to you for the same price as above: $14.99 for 30 ml.

Choose three flavors that you think complement each other. Those could be marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker. Perhaps three fruits are calling to you. Possibly you want a double hit of one flavor plus a second option to add an under-note on your palate. Now all you have to do is choose a nicotine value and you’re all set.

Quality of VaporFi E Liquid

You don’t have to go searching on the VaporFi website for details about their e liquid. They tell you the whole story up front. VaporFi e juice is made in an FDA-approved lab under strictly controlled conditions. Their ingredients are approved by United States Pharmacists for personal consumption. Only food-grade flavorings are added to your liquid.


VaporFi is not necessarily a top-shelf juice, but it’s definitely an affordable, quality product. You can try a few flavors when you visit a full service VaporFi lounge but sample packs are also available. You’ll be using a lot of this stuff, so you don’t have much to lose by ordering a few bottles in different flavors in the effort to find a favorite all-day-vape.

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