Vaporfi Custom Vaporizer Builder 12% Off Coupon and Review

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Vaporfi designs and sells a lot of e cigs, vaporizers, and starter kits. They list at least two devices at every level: the Express, Air, and Pro series for new vapers, the Rocket and Pulse for vapers with a bit of skill and confidence, and the Rebel (I and II) plus the Vox for advanced vapers.

With these many choices, you would think Vaporfi clients would be happy to accept one of these combinations as is, but unique individuals demand customization options.

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Customization Nation

Vaporfi knows this about vapers. They already made many of their products to work with each other and with products made by other manufacturers. There are only a couple of exceptions within the brand, and even the Express could be paired with other mini cig cartomizers if you find a compatible series or a different brand of mini tank that fits. Only the Air tank and battery are too unusual to belong anywhere but with each other.

Of course, the Vox II and Rebel are not batteries but control units, yet there are many tanks at the site and offsite they would work with.

Vaporfi reinforces their openness to customization with custom e juice blending. Customers have been making use of their opportunity to create e liquid to their personal liking for a few years and have come up with original flavors that are now on the Vaporfi pre-mixed list available for the general public to purchase.

Custom Vaporizer Builder

Now, Vaporfi also allows vapers to customize their e cig starter kits. There is a distinction between bundles and these starter kits which you have to be aware of.

Starter kits traditionally save you money, but not the custom building service. These kits are not cheaper than purchasing items independently. You will not save money by building a set from scratch.

All you are doing is establishing, for certain, that parts will go together, seeing how they look, and even taking advantage of a chance to see how colors look together.

Do you have a hard time deciding on a kit because one tank is great but you prefer a different base? Vaporfi’s custom vaporizer builder lets you mix and match, but only with two models of battery: the Pro and Rocket.

A sidebar to the right displays how each combination would appear if you chose it. Since the service is online, customers can really play around and have fun. Try lots of colors and swap sizes before settling on a blend that fits your character and vaping needs. Here you can throw caution to the wind and mix purple with green if your heart desires.

Pick the Pro battery in any shade or size: 650 mAh, 1000 mAh, or 1000 mAh Variable. Pick out pink, blue, or green for this battery or a plain black item. Select the Rocket instead, sold only in black or silver.

Now opt for a tank: the Pro-L or XL, Clear clearomizer, Rocket tank, Platinum, or a Titanium tank. Clients receive a USB charger and also have the option to add an adapter plus atomizers.

Now you only need e-juice. Choose a nicotine level and three flavors to combine into a 30-ml bottle for $15.99.

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