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VaporFi introduced announced their Vox 50 Mod this year, creating eager anticipation amid VF fans, then rave reviews when they finally go their hands on one. The Vox 50 was designed in the style of other box mods you might have seen by Pioneer4You, Sigelei, and VaporShark.

It offers expansive power options to vapers who aim to create the biggest possible clouds and are willing to buy the tools. To that end, VaporFi not only created the Vox 50 but also a dripping atomizer to go with it.

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VaporFi Bolt RDA

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The VaporFi Bolt RDA

You can buy the Vox 50 alone, the VaporFi Bolt RDA alone, or purchase them as part of a package for $249.99. A Vox 50 starter kit comes with RDA-related essentials: 10 feet of 30 g Kanthal wire, 4 extra O-rings, a screwdriver and screws, plus the essential drip tip.

Later, when you need more of these items VaporFi sells the appropriate size but they are also available from numerous vendors. Hobbyists will look into various drip tip shapes and colors too, but with the black one supplied a vaper doesn’t interrupt the sophisticated design of her VW mod.

Three posts enable vapers to wrap dual coils and create the ideal sub-ohm situation which is probably what you bought the Vox 50 for in the first place. VaporFi took a chance: they built items with 510 threading which is compatible with a long list of other brands’ similarly threaded APVs, mechanical mods, and rebuildable atomizers or tanks.

Compatibility Contest

For VaporFi, the advantage is that you won’t have to pass them by when looking for accessories to work with your existing APV or a new APV for your RDA. The vaper’s advantage is that compatibility makes it possible to mix VaporFi items with other company’s atomizers and not be forced into purchasing proprietary products.

So, you could add the Bolt to your Hana Modz or attach a Tobh to the Vox 50. But, if you own a Rocket or Rebel II by VaporFi, the Bolt will fit onto one of these. Moreover, vapers won’t be scared off by fears of incompatible pieces and feeling locked into using one brand’s parts for years at the risk of wasting money.

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  1. Get the Bolt if you are a looking for a dripping atomizer for insane flavor and for a lot of fun making your own coils and getting into RDAs.

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