The Biology and Benefits of CBD Oil

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CBD cannabidiol has taken the medical world by storm. A lot of individuals use it to ease the pain and stress associated with their health conditions. Many attest to its therapeutic effects but some beg for more scientific bases to prove its safety.

Despite the widespread use of CBD oil, there’s still a stigma about how it works and the possible repercussions of long-term use. As one of the over 120 active compounds in the marijuana plant, it helps to dive deep into its biological aspect first.


In countries where the medical use of marijuana is still prohibited, there’s a generalization when it comes to the use of the plant. However, it’s important to note that there two major compounds at play here: CBD and THC.

Unlike the relaxant CBD, THC is psychoactive. It’s the one that gives the “high” feeling. Meanwhile, CBD doesn’t trigger the receptors of THC, thus no euphoric effects, just pain relief.

Basically, our bodies have endocannabinoid receptors. Once THC or CBD enters our system, these receptors get activated. It can alter immune-system responses, pain, and sleep.

What happens is that CBD helps in the pain and sleep department while THC triggers the reward-system of the body. This is why THC takers experience the “high” whenever they consume the substance.

The use of CBD oil

Since CBD doesn’t give any psychoactive effects, it’s deemed to be ‘safer’ than THC. With this, marijuana and hemp growers produce CBD oil.CBD oils

CBD oil is a tincture which is usually extracted from the industrial hemp plant. Although some will opt for cannabis, the hemp plant has more CBD concentration than the usual marijuana.

After the extract is sourced from the plant, it will be infused into a carrier oil substance which is typically MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride oil from coconut. Some producers will use a mix of other edible essential oils.

Do remember that each CBD oil bottle contains a unique concentration of cannabidiol. It can run from 300 mg to 600 mg or more. Always check this part before purchasing and ingesting the product.

If possible, consult a physician before using CBD oil for pain relief and related applications.

Benefits of CBD oil

Tracing back its history, CBD is in use for thousands of years now. Still, it’s only years ago that the medical community welcomed the idea of research and its potential in aiding various conditions.

The following are the potential applications of CBD oil:

Multiple Sclerosis

An individual with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) will experience unbearable muscle spasms. As an autoimmune disease, it affects the entire body.

If not managed, the spasms will compromise the quality of life of a patient. With this, a lot of patients resort to using CBD oil to relieve the spasticity they experience.

Although CBD oil can’t cure any condition, it helps manage the symptoms of MS. Many users report fewer spasms and less pain.

Chronic pain

Dozens of trials and studies indicate the potential of CBD oil to reduce chronic pain among its users. The same report published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine stated that the substance can indeed reduce inflammation and pain.

Also, the studies indicate that CBD intake isn’t prone to tolerance which means the patients don’t have to worry about dependence and increasing the dosage.


A European study subjected arthritic rats to a topical CBD gel for four days. The results showed that the CBD substance actually eases the pain with no apparent side effects.

The drastic drop in pain levels and inflammation is also recorded among human users. Still, this begs for more human trials to prove CBD’s consistency as a pain reliever for arthritis.

If you want to enjoy these potential benefits, here is a Thought Cloud coupon for your first CBD oil product.

The dosage

There’s no governing body that indicates the right dosage of taking CBD oil. Still, legitimate manufacturers will issue guidelines along with their products.

Even the FDA doesn’t recommend any dosage for CBD oil. This leaves the dosage open for interpretation and exclusive recommendations.

Still, there’s only one CBD product that gained the nod of FDA. It’s being sold under the brand Epidiolex and strictly used as a treatment for epilepsy.

Those who are planning to use CBD oil should always seek the opinion of their doctors. It’s important to understand the interactions of cannabidiol to the medication the person is currently taking.

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