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Look back at the names in e cig commerce that started up near the beginning; the ones that made their mark with celebrities and forged ahead before vaping was as cool as it is today. Blu, V2 Cigs, and Halo stand out, but don’t forget South Beach Smoke. If you saw an actor or singer vaping a few years ago, he or she might have had a South Beach Smoke e cig between his or her lips.

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Buying the Best

They were early bloomers, but they still make some of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. South Beach Smoke is not perfect: their products, like most mini cigs, could be improved with better e liquid, but they did something excellent to their batteries. Their power makes these some of the best batteries around. Find out more in this South Beach Smoke review.

Electronic CigaretteTop Power

One customer peeve that frustrated e cig technologists for a long time was that batteries would die 90 minutes after lighting up, maybe lasting 2 to 2 ½ hours on a single charge if they were top notch products. The problem was packing power into that cylinder without making the battery longer and heavier.

Smokers were already having a difficult time transitioning from their little analogs to battery-powered smokeless cigarettes. Adding just a few grams to their weight could mean the difference between commercial death and success.

So South Beach Smoke worked at this problem, finally coming up with SuperMaxx batteries. According to claims by real people who have tried these things, they actually last 4 or more hours, at least early on. All batteries run out of energy more quickly after they are recharged a number of times, but this kind of start means a South Beach Smoke e cigarette, just before it dies, will still work as well as the old-fashioned battery did.

Sales, Sales, Sales

South Beach Smoke joins a number of other internet brands in offering coupon codes, seasonal sales, and discounts for special times of the year. Whether it is summer, spring, Christmas, or Father’s Day, there’s always some promotion that takes a dollar amount or percentage off their price. Subscribe to their email newsletter, for example, and they take $10 off your next purchase.

Credible Company

Businesses in the United States do not have to sign up for BBB accreditation. Consumers look to this organization for information about all kinds of companies, and they will grade unaccredited firms if these are brought to the attention of the BBB. South Beach Smoke has sought their approval and currently holds a high mark according to their standards.

South Beach Deluxe KitStarter Kits: 5 to Choose From

You can select from one of five starter kits at South Beach Smoke, the smallest of which is a Reusable Express. That means you receive the essentials in a rechargeable package. The only cheaper alternative is to buy a disposable e cig, but South Beach Smoke doesn’t sell those. Besides, for $21.99, you receive a battery to reuse over and over plus a USB charger. Two menthol or tobacco cartridges will run out quickly, but you aren’t left empty handed.

Every other kit after that is known as a Deluxe; clearly, South Beach Smoke has confidence in spades. The first kid contains 2 batteries, one each of their 180 mAh and 280 mAh (SuperMaxx) varieties, automatics. Later you can select either size and automatic or manual.

Manual batteries last longer because they do not remain on standby constantly, ready to heat the coil as you puff. Manual batteries only heat up when you press the button. Each puff is as easy as the one before because you don’t have to draw a few times to make the atomizer work. With 10 cartomizers and a charging kit, a price of $59.99 is reasonable: a bit higher than some kits, but that’s because you have 10 cartos instead of 5, and they are fairly expensive at South Beach Smoke.

The Deluxe Plus is much the same except your package also includes a power cig, car charger, and a carry case. These items jack the price up to $89.99: another $30. In this field, that sounds about right.

A Deluxe Ultimate, though redundantly named, is loaded with pieces, most notably their PCC. Add 10 more cartomizers and a lanyard plus one extra battery to the kit above and that explains the additional $70 you pay. Most of this covers the price of your PCC. One other kit doubles the Deluxe to form a Couples Kit for $109.99.

south beach smoke cartridgesCartridges at South Beach Smoke

I am torn, and you might be too, about the way cartridges are presented for sale. If these are sold anywhere in person, then maybe you can buy them in single packets. But at their website, the lowest number available for the first 10 flavors is 15 cartomizers for $39.99. That works out to about $2.80 per cartridge and $13.33 per pack.

There are six relatively new flavors sold in packs of five for $14.99. In other words, you can buy chocolate, vanilla, and Classic Tobacco in packs of 15, but Double Apple Hookah and Frank’s Lemonade are sold in single packs and bulk.

While I guess it’s hardly worth buying fewer than 15 cartomizers at a time (at least one a day, but two is more likely), customers should have the choice to pick out one packet of each flavor or buy one at a time to try them. Starter kits provide one way to do this, but later on the consumer’s hands are tied.

I wouldn’t mind the system so much if South Beach Smoke sold them for less: $11.50 is roughly the average (about $2.30 each). Even Green Smoke brought their prices down to under $13 per pack, but they don’t offer as many tasty choices.

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