New e cigs come and go, but Eversmoke looks like it has planted itself in the top-ten. They were introduced by IVG about a year ago as a complement to South Beach Smoke, but their products are virtually the same. The main difference is marketing. South Beach Smoke hits a young and trendy audience. Eversmoke follows a similar line to Green Smoke with the focus on green and white colors and environmental friendliness.

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Eversmoke TestimonialsEversmoke Testimonials

You can read for yourself all the wonderful things grateful ex-smokers say about Eversmoke on their website. They talk about the freedom of giving up cigarettes, thanks to Eversmoke and the quality of their customer service. This should tell you something important: fans are often more grateful for being able to quit smoking than for this specific brand.

I’m not suggesting Eversmoke isn’t great; just that their e cigs are similar to many others you can buy. When you look at how they compare themselves to other brands, there isn’t much difference.

Mostly they compare their products to cigarettes. South Beach Smoke, Halo, Vaporfi, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs are making comparable cigalikes, so this isn’t a superior brand, but a good one just as those others are good e cigs.

Eversmoke.comEversmoke Review

In what ways is Eversmoke similar to their rivals?

All of these companies provide great customer service, good batteries, and decent vapor for cigalikes. You can’t compare them to APVs or even eGos, but there are e cigs out there that aren’t worth your time. Eversmoke has also got one of the best batteries in this market.

Starter Kits

The very first starter kit (aside from their 1-battery Express) contains 1 each of the long and standard battery. The short one closely emulates the weight and length of a regular cigarette. The longer one holds its charge longer. Also in this kit for $49.99 are 5 cartridges and a charging kit.

Next, the Pro Starter Kit for $79.99 makes a logical progression from the contents of a basic kit. It contains an additional power cigarette, car charger, and five more cartomizers. Add a portable charging case, 5 more cartomizers, a carry case, and a third battery to create the Ultimate Kit for $149.99.

To see how much you save by purchasing these items as part of a bundle, take the Basic Kit and add $22.95 for the extra high-drain battery, $49.99 for a PCC, $14.99 to buy a Power Cig, $14.99 to purchase a car charger, and the same for a carry case. Add $117.91 to $49.99: $167.90. You save nearly $20 by ordering the package instead of adding items one at a time.

Eversmoke cartridgesFlavors at Eversmoke

You win some, you lose some: that’s the story with every flavor of e liquid out there, whether it comes in a pre-filled cartomizer or a bottle of e liquid. Eversmoke products are for new vapers only: they don’t carry blank cartomizers or clearomizers; nor do they offer e liquid.

Why sell e liquid if they aren’t going to provide a means to re-fill juice? To go this route, they welcome you to enter the Vaporfi website since this is their sister company (along with South Beach Smoke).

So, you’re stuck with pre-filled cartridges (or you can use South Beach Smoke blanks as theirs are essentially the same cartridges). Eversmoke’s ten flavors are very good, though they are not filled with the e-juice made by VaporFi.

That’s reserved for Vaporfi cartridges and bottled e liquid. At Eversmoke you’ve got 10 choices: Peach Passion, Pina Colada, Very Vanilla, Peppermint Party, Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco, Coffee Creation, Cool Menthol, Gold Tobacco, and Royal Tobacco.

Gold Tobacco is similar to Camels and Marlboro cigarettes. You’ll taste hints of Pal-Mal and Lucky Strike if you vape Classic Tobacco. To enjoy something like a Kent or Merit cigarette, Royal Tobacco is what you want. Choose up to 2.4% nicotine and as little as none at all.

The cost for vaping the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes starts at $2.60 when you order 15 cartridges for $39.99 or a ten-pack sampler for $26.60. The next price band is $69.99 for 30 cartridges ($2.33 each pack) followed by $2.22 for a pack at the rate of $99.99 for 45 cartridges.

Basically, you will save a lot by ordering in bulk. Single five-packs, standard elsewhere, are not offered by Eversmoke. Of course you will save even more with a discount code.

Vaping with Eversmoke will be a clean, fresh-tasting alternative and much cheaper. Overall, Eversmoke is a good product for brand new vapers.

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