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Here we will be adding any discounts or promo codes for purchases at (the new face of Vapor Zone).

One of the great things about these coupon codes for Vapor Fi is they are non-expiring, and can be used again and again, so be sure to bookmark this site, and come back any time you make a purchase on hardware, including for sales!

Starter Kits and Hardware:

25% Off All Starter Kits and Hardware

Vaporfi Hardware





E-Juice Discounts:

15% Off All Vape Juice!



Buy 3 Vaporfi E-Juice – Get 1 Free!**

Vaporfi e liquids



Disclaimer:  Valid Only on VaporFi Premium E-liquids. Max Discount $15.99

To receive e-juice discount, after clicking activation link,

add 4 e-liquids to the cart and you will see the difference, such as you see here:





10% Off The Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer



10% Off The Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer



25% Off The New PRO 3 Vape Pen


Vaporfi Pro 3 Colors




25% Off The Blend Of The Month:

Vaporfi e juice bottle






Free Shipping on Orders $100 or More:

Free Shipping






VaporFi E-Liquid Blend Of The Month Club



VaporFi Review: Overall Selection

Even a quick glance at VaporFi shows the casual observer that they cover every angle and serve every sort of customer. Are you new to vaping? No problem: VaporFi’s Express E Cig is easy to use. Do you like more of a challenge? The Rebel II could be just right. Maybe you want more wattage control, in which case a Vox Mod 50 would suit your needs. Even herbal vapers can buy hardware here. VaporFi makes e juice in many flavors but then offers customers the chance to create their own blends. It seems you can’t lose with VaporFi as your supplier of all things vape-related.

VaporFi Review

Having it all in one place is great, but is that selection worth spending money on? In many ways you will find that this company’s goods, like every brand in the United States, is overpriced. VaporFi mitigates costs, however, by providing customer loyalty incentives. Their customer service is also excellent: in a sense, you are paying extra for this and for product guarantees from the company.

Moreover, there is no other e cig vendor capable of providing your needs so entirely. Their breadth of selection is as much the draw as the items themselves, although e cigs by VaporFi earn good and even exceptional reviews — lots of them. Give yourself an hour to read what past clients have said and you will be sold.

Product Selection

I mentioned the Express above: VaporFi’s single contribution to vaping early in your career. This is the type of cigarette-like vaping device that needs recharging every few hours and operates with pre-filled cartomizers. Buy the kit for about $30. You will have to add cartomizers to the $30 price tag bringing your total to $45 with 5 cartridges and two batteries: not a bad deal and about average for this type of kit.

The two disadvantages to owning an Express are limited cartridge selection and high prices for refills. You have just 5 choices: Mighty Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Chocolate Dream, Cherry Crush, and Very Vanilla.

From Beginner to Expert: the In-Between Months

You will become bored with a cigarette-like Express in spite of its sleek and stealthy good looks. When this happens, go in search of high-powered batteries or at least batteries bigger than the Express. The tiny, discrete Air (not to be confused with the Air by sister company South Beach Smoke) provides a starting point with a 350-mAh battery, followed by a Pro at 650-mAh. The Rocket and Pulse also provide extra power and with interchangeable tanks (only the Air is an unusual, proprietary “squashed” shape) you can switch most tanks and batteries around or attach tanks from outside the VaporFi line.

VaporFi favors stainless or black where most of these devices are concerned, but Pro Colors offer options like orange, pink, and red. The Pro is similar to an Evod with the covered tank and viewing window plus excellent battery performance.

Expert Vaping

If you are the sort of vaper who views vaping as a practical alternative to smoking and nothing more, you might have stopped with the Air or the Pro. They do the job nicely and you only press a button to activate the atomizer. Batteries last a few hours or half a day.

Vapers, however, frequently turn this alternative into a hobby. Excitement brews with every advance a vaper makes; with each new type of product he learns about that gives him more power to control his vaping experience. Large batteries providing a day or more of continuous vaping relieve the need to think about where the charger is, especially if the vaper is away from home. VaporFi’s Rebel and Rebel II fit the bill nicely being variable voltage devices with big batteries. The Rebel II APV features 3- to 6-volt and 3- to 15-watt variation with a bright screen, 4Amp maximum output, and the option to use two battery sizes (18350 and 18650). With the Rebel II you get adjustable juice flow and reverse battery protection.

The Vox 50 takes two shapes and creates a unique blend: a box mod with tubular elements in a stainless steel shell with an OLED screen, 7- to 50-Watt range, and 22Amp maximum output. There is a resistance meter, 510 adjustable pin, and even pass-through capability. This is the top mod at VaporFi.

Herbal Vapers

E Cig vendors and distributors of herbal vaporizers focus on the similarities between their products and the materials they choose to vape. VaporFi carries the stealthy Orbit portable vaporizer with three temperature settings, a good-sized herb chamber, easy-loading format, and one-button operation.

vaporfi.comCreating a Usable Website

It’s one thing to stand in a shop and turn around, browsing shelves up and down until you find what you want. Viewing products on the web is different because you have to know what buttons to press; which headings to click on. If a site is disorganized or convoluted, customers soon become frustrated. VaporFi’s website blends clean colors and great images with a user-friendly format which directs clients to the right page, whether that is a page of accessories for a certain device or the e liquid section.

VaporFi E Liquid

A selection of enjoyable flavors is made even more attractive by the opportunity to create your own blends using the customization page. Choose up to three flavors, nicotine strength, and a name. Check first, though: the mixture might already be there.

Join their Blend of the Month Club to receive exclusive offers and brand new juices every month for the same price as a bottle of e liquid: $14.99 for 30mls. This is a fabulous price, especially when you consider the standards VaporFi insists upon.

Juice is blended in an FDA approved lab using better-than-food-grade flavorings, Kosher vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, and palm glycerin which poses no threat to people with nut allergies.

Lot numbers are stamped on each bottle. Choose flavors such as Creamsicle, Banana Split, or Marshmallow. Select a tobacco flavor or menthol variety. Have fun mixing things up: blending Peach with Amaretto for instance or Rum and Lime. Become your own mixologist without the mess or expense of stocking a home-based lab.


Vaporfi take control of your vape ad

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  1. Hello, I had some trouble activating the buy 3 get one free deal for e-liquid. I was hoping I could get a free bottle because I just ordered 3 off the vaporfi website after activating the coupon but never got a prompt to add the free bottle. Let me know what I can do.


    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for leaving this comment.

      we’ve made an illustration below the coupon for anyone who also is having any trouble, since we didn’t make it very clear how to use the promo code activation, and we’ve contacted Vaporfi, and are arranging for your 4th e-juice to be sent, as you know since we just emailed you 🙂

      Hopefully you enjoy the flavors!

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